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Announcement: Cooperation agreement sigend between seekda GmbH and the University of Innsbruck

October 24, 2012

Alexander Wahler (seekda GmbH) and Dieter Fensel (University of InnsbruckSemantic Technology Institute Innsbruck) signed the cooperation agreement formalizing the collaborative development of the seekda Social Agent (SESA).


About the Seekda Social Agent (SESA)

The Seekda Social Agent (SESA) will help the hotelier in dealing with the challenge to improve and maintaining his communication needs in a world with an exploding number of channels in order to maintain or better increase his market share (i.e., the number of bookings and the attached price) by keeping the related transactions costs for on-line communication and booking manageable.

Organizations of all sizes, commercial and not-for-profit, regularly face the challenge of communicating with their stakeholders using a multiplicity of channels, e.g. websites, videos, PR activities, events, email, forums, online presentations, social media, mobile applications, and recently structured data. The social media revolution has made this job much more complicated, because:

  • the number of channels has grown exponentially,
  • the communication has changed from a mostly unilateral "push" mode (one speaker, many listeners) to an increasingly fully bilateral communication, where individual stakeholders (e.g. customers) expect one-to-one communication with the organization, and the expected speed of reaction is shrunk to almost real-time, and
  • the contents of communication becomes more and more granular and increasingly dependent on the identity of the receiver and the context of the communication.

Organizations need an integrated solution that provides management and execution of communication goals in a mostly automated fashion, with costs equivalent to mass-media communication, along with the granularity of individual experts, and at the pace of real-time social media. We are aiming to mechanize important aspects of these tasks, allowing scalable, cost-sensitive, and effective communication for small-or-medium sized business units and comparable organizations for which information dissemination is essential but resources are significantly limited. Additionally, it may also help intermediaries such as marketing agencies to extend their business scope by increasing the cost-effective ratio.

Finally, hotels are confronted with a multitude of on-line booking channels. Hotels should provide their available rooms and rates to most, if not all of these channels to prevent missing their potential customers. For many channels, visibility is achieved through low prices. However, channels also often require price constraints on the price offers of other channels. Some channels generate costs without guaranteeing actual income and other channels charge a up to 18% of the booking volume as fees. Proper managing the on-line presence in these multiple channels and raising the visibility and tractability of the most suited ones is of vital and strategic importance for the hotelier. The Seekda Social Agent (SESA) will help the hotelier to achieve these goals.